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Iannone photo

Iannone Photo


I keep telling everyone that the best investment of my wedding was hiring Julia as my co-ordinator. Julia was extremely professional all while making me feel like she is my friend. I was confident she would get everything done, all while having our best interests at heart. The set up was beautifully done, and I didn't even notice the tear down. Julia helped me deal with vendors and kept me calm when "the sky was falling" for a hot minute. Our meetings were detailed and she knew exactly what to ask us and helped us create a vision of our day. Julia is an absolute delight and I would 10000% recommend her to any person planning their special day.


Mariah Park  Photo


"It was so nice to have someone give us tools along including: assigning when to get things done by, giving us feedback and ideas, having someone be the main contact person and give advice and enthusiasm along the way. Julia was great at responding to our messages throughout the planning process and she answered every question, reminding us of things along the way without putting pressure on us. She was thorough and helpful in all of our meetings, and she helped if we had differing thoughts on things by offering an outsider point of view.

Matt & Morgan photo

Matt & Morgan Photo


Our experience working with Julia was absolutely incredible. She went above and beyond and I felt zero stress on my wedding day. She exceeded my expectations and made everything seamless. Julia was kind and professional yet personable.


Mariah Park  Photo


We really found the value in our investment as the wedding drew nearer! Julia became the point person for our various vendors and volunteers. She took care of coordinating everything with everyone and it was SO nice to be able to direct people to her and know they would be well taken care of. I absolutely adored having her take care of everything on wedding day. She ensured set up and the day ran smoothly, she was competent and calm and she would check in to see that everything was going as we wanted along the way."

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Our experience was absolutely incredible. Julia is a master of her craft and has such an amazing set of skills. We would not have been able to do our wedding without her. Her calm demeanor and beautiful personality made our day go 100% perfect. On top of Julia being a master at what she does, she is also very very sweet and kind. Julia made us feel at ease and ensured us we did not have to worry about anything, which we didn't. Worth every penny.

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