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I'm Julia, the Lead Planner and Content Creator here at Day by Drachenberg. As a kid I told my mom I would grow up to be a 'party planner' and watched her host an uncountable amount of fully themed and thought out parties and events.

I care fiercely about honest planning, quick communication, and being detailed so you can be relaxed. From planning Intentional and thought out camp events to immersive regency wedding weekends, I'm devoted to creating spaces for guests to re-connect and create lasting relationships with depth. To be intentional in both event design aesthetics and guests experience, transports people to another time and place, where the only focus is on love, enjoyment and connection.


I have a love of candid moments, perfectly captured to be frozen in time. To be able to look at a photo or video and sink into the memory of that day like I'm reliving over again.

When not working weddings, I can be found running (slowly), swimming in the beautiful Okanagan lakes, and enjoying my fair share of sparkling water.

Canadian choice award winner 2024.png

Canadian Choice Award


Winner - Wedding Planner

Best of Kelowna

2024 Awards

5th Best Wedding Planner

2023 Awards

4th Best Wedding Planner


2022 Awards

4th Best Event Planner & designer

Top 10 Best Wedding Planners

Best of Kelowna '22_edited.jpg

Confetti Magazine Feature

Hannah & Tomas's wedding curated the perfect feelings of camp nostalgia and mama mia italian inspiration for their guests. Mismatched china, an RV for the wedding party transportation and a custom living room lounge set set the stage for endless laughter and moments that would be cherished for a lifetime. 

Photo: Kayla Bowie

Tips for Brides the morning of the wedding

The morning of your wedding is stressful and exciting as it is, here are our tips to make it a little easier. We discuss garment tips to avoid lines in photos.


Photo: Mariah Park photo co


Planners Wedding day Insights for Grooms

Getting ready the morning of your wedding as a groom, there's more to think about than just putting on a suit. We talk about some tips to keep in mind.

Photo: Mariah Park photo co

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