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Virtually Planning,

Real Weddings

You get a Wedding Planner at a price

you can celebrate about.

Planning the blowout bash to

celebrate your love will be easy

Honest wedding planning advice about your decisions, their outcomes, and the next step in planning your wedding. AKA your wedding personal assistant.

+ Professional Help 

+ Honest Advice  

+ Clear Direction  

+ Detailed Planning   

+ Less Stress


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Plan your wedding online, on your own Time, with a Professional at your fingertips

Monthly Management

We'll meet monthly to go over every step of the planning process. I'll take on the stress of planning all the logistics and be your personal cheerleader through the engagement process.

Monthly meeting

Design & Decor mock-up

Timeline & Floorplan creation

Expert guidance & feedback about decisions

Vendor research & recommendation in desired style & budget

Logistics management

Ceremony Planning

$180/month CAD


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Audit My Wedding

Need a kick ass timeline, floorplan or decor plan before your wedding? A professional set of eyes to go over the details to put out fires before they happen? We're here when you need us, whenever it suits you best.

One meeting including some of the following:

Design & Decor mock-up board - including Rental choices

Timeline & Floorplan creation

Expert guidance & feedback about decisions and details

Logistics management

Navigating Vendor selection & issues

$150 CAD

Timeline Creation

Need a pro to craft an expert timeline that your vendor team will appreciate and your family & friends can execute? We'll look for the potential snags and create a timeline that fits your individual needs

One Meeting to Discuss timeline

Detailed Vendor Timeline

Shorten Family & Friends Timeline

$100 CAD

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Vet My Vendor

Choosing a vendor and unsure if they're legit? We'll read through your contract, do background research and verify their skills so you know if you can trust them or if they're a walking red flag.

Send over Vendor details & contract

Suggestion to Hire or Skip within 12hr

$50/vendor CAD  OR  $100 CAD for 3 vendors

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