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The Vendor Process

Updated: Jan 17

Talking with wedding vendors can feel like the first week of a new job - you don’t know the lingo, people are quoting thousands of dollars like it’s the norm, and you have no idea when someone’s messing with you.

First and foremost, vendors want to help you achieve the day you’re dreaming of and most are not out to rip you off. Here is a rundown of the general flow of conversation when hiring vendors.


Finding Vendors:

There are several ways to find vendors in your area:

- Wedding websites (The Knot and Wedding Wire)

- Social media (Instagram, Tik tok and Facebook)

- Referrals (from other Vendors or past clients)

Once you find a vendor you are interested in check out their social media and website to see photos and review from weddings they have worked in the past and learn more about what services they offer (and hopefully a price range is listed).


Give them all the relevant info about your day that you currently have - if you have nothing booked, tell them about your vision for the day and include any inspiration photos so everyone is on the same page.

Things to include:

· Date

· Your fiancés name

· Location – for the wedding and if you live out of town

· Colors, themes, and general ‘vibe’ of the day

· Guest count

· Budget – for the entire or for the specific vendor (either will give them an idea of the size of the project)

The more specific you are about what you want the better they can serve you!

Negotiations & Proposals:

A vendor will respond with a quote, general prices for their services, or wanting to set up a meeting to get more details before they can give you a quote. This is when you can negotiate on cost and deliverables – this does not mean asking for a discount. If your budget is below the estimated cost, ask about what can be removed or changed to bring the cost down to fit within your budget. That will include either reducing the length of service (less hours at your event), or the quantity of deliverables (number of centre pieces, buffet options etc.).

After you have agreed upon a cost and what that includes, the vendor will send over a contract and invoice, usually requiring a deposit in order to secure your day. Get everything in writing, if there are any issues you will need the paperwork to ensure you receive what you paid for, or in some cases compensation for the things you did not receive.

If everything looks good, sign it and pay that deposit to secure the vendor!

Final Details:

A month or so out from your wedding get in contact with your vendor team. If you have a planner they will do this, if not send them an e-mail with your timeline, venue floor plan, getting ready locations, and any important details they may need. If they have any questions or need to adjust the timeline you can do it then. If there are significant changes to the timeline or order of events re-send the timeline out to all vendors no later than a week out from the day.

Use the ‘Vendor Check in’ e-mail template.

Post Event

After your event, be sure to leave a review for your vendor team! Nothing is more helpful for vendors than reviews from past couples. They give vendors an opportunity to improve and get feedback on their services, and allow future couples to hear first-hand what they can expect from working with the vendor.

If some things went awry with the vendors services please give them feedback on it! If you were unhappy with anything talking to the vendor about it allows them to improve for the next couple and figure out where things went wrong.

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