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2023 Wedding Trends

I love that wedding trends change year to year! I think it dates a wedding in the best way and bring fun and unique aspects to weddings of the season. Here is my predictions and thoughts on this years up and coming trends and how you can incorporate them on a budget:



The last few years we saw lots of black & white timeless weddings. Black and white will always be a popular choice, but this year couples are eager to bring bright punches of color into their weddings and lots of personality with it.

I see monochromatic and color palette weddings being big. Couples going all in on one color for several aspects of the day and likely in varying shades to add more depth.

Seeing a variety of colors will also be popular with a range of pastels or bright bursts. Couples may choose to make sections of their wedding monochromatic using different colors for each section (a blue photo wall, purple dessert table, green ceremony space etc).

Implementing this into your day can range from adding thrifted glassware of various colors to going all out on renting colored linens, chargers and getting custom printed stationary in your chosen colors. This trend lends nicely to thrifting as it's meant to have personality and can be eclectic.

This could also show up in asking your wedding party and the rest of your guests to wear pastels, brights or shades of hues of one color.

If you like this trend add color where guests will notice it in big ways or in small ways where it will contribute to an overall color feel.


In the past couple years we've seen the emergence of second dresses. Brides (even some grooms!) changing from bigger ballgowns and fitted formal dresses to ones that are easier to dance the night away in and feel like more of a party. This is an amazing way to have the dress of your dreams without having to worry about how you'll move in it all night.

This year we are seeing the emergence of a second veil. For the brides that want a long dramatic veil for their portraits and ceremony, changing into a shorter and fuller veil for the reception can keep the look they want or even add some flair while allowing them to dance without worry of it being ripped out of their head on accident.

We also see these short veils and blushers popular for the brides who are doing a courthouse ceremony to bring some elegance and fun to their outfits.

This trend nods towards 80's and 90's veils with some brides even choosing to wear their past relatives accessories. This is another trend that you can incorporate by thrifting it for cheap if the women in your life have gotten rid of their veil from 30 years ago.

Wedding Weekends

This trend is just emerging and is not likely to be the norm for most weddings. But it can be an amazing way to spend more time with your guests if you have a large wedding. many guests from out of town, or a destination wedding. By doing a welcome party or a post wedding brunch you may feel more relaxed on the wedding day as the stress of talking to all of your guests is decreased with multiple days to see them.

A multi day wedding event can accommodate any budget and formality. If you want to keep it casual and on a lower budget, a backyard bbq may fit your budget best and you can ask guests to bring a drink for themselves or to help stock the bar and keep the overall cost down.

For couples who have a little more to spend, a catered sit down dinner with your closest family and friends the night before can offer the space to create more loving memories of the weekend.

Having your guests attend a welcome or post wedding event at a bar or restaurant means that you don't need to have a large home or rent out a space. You can decide to cover all, some, or none of the bar bill.

Communicate to guests the expectations around who is paying for what ahead of time so there's no surprises or unmet expectations.


How do you feel about this years trends, will you incorporate any into your day?

As always, feel free to disregard any or all of these if they don't fit you and your partners wishes, aesthetic or budget for the day!

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